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Crisis Call Service Launched

Planning and communication are an integral – and vital – part of any self protection strategy. One of the key components is knowing who to call in a ‘crisis’ – and being confident that your call will get answered. Let’s

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How do you intend to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Saturday 27 September 2014; The recently released crime statistics are a sad reflection of the state of our society and the desperation of our times. Not to enter into the political and socio-economic debate but I don’t believe we will

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A reflection at the start of a new year

In a world where we dash around, stomping on one fire after another, I thought it might be appropriate to just take a deep breath, relax for a moment and consider these beautiful words, which someone sent to me today

The fall of Constantinople – safety lessons from the past.

The middle of the 15th century was a time of great invention and flux. Several seemingly innocent happenings combined to bring about the fall of a 1000 year empire! Berthold Schwarz, a Germanic Monk is widely accredited with the mixing

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Identity Theft

All around the world people are falling victim to identity theft. What is identity theft? Well at it’s most simple it is a person (other than you) who has gained access to your personal information. This takes the form of

Self protection in “Fortress Suburbia”

Posted to the web on: 15 January 2008 Looking after themselves in fortress suburbia Jonny Steinberg THERE is something black South Africans became skilled at generations ago that whites are just beginning to learn now. It is the art of

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