Let me give you a brief overview of the what, why and who of Tactical Advantage.

Firstly, Tactical Advantage provides services to companies and interest groups. We don’t (sadly) offer courses to individuals.

Secondly, we want to help you to take control, to boost your confidence, to give you the belief that the criminals don’t always hold all the power and that you, Joe Ordinary can make a significant difference in your own safety and that of your loved ones.

Tactical Advantage’s instructors do not believe in gratuitous violence, are not dressed like Camo-Man nor do we act like Rambo on steroids. If that is what you are looking for you are in the wrong place! Sorry.

Like it or not, you alone are responsible for your own safety. If anyone tells you otherwise it’s a lie! A bold statement I know but I can back it up. Interested?

OK, firstly crime is generally accepted as being on the increase (despite what the statistics say) and the recent media attention serves to highlight this fact. This is truly amazing if you consider that there are more folk employed in the security and policing industries now than at any other time in South Africa’s history – and despite this crime is on the increase.

Does this mean that the security companies are ineffective? Good question and one I’m going to sidestep for the moment. Simply put however, if they could eradicate crime tomorrow then they would be out of business the day after. That is counter productive and counter survival for the security industry so I cannot see them “stopping” crime any time soon – even assuming that they had the power to do so.

What the security companies do really well is offer a “solution” requiring you to no nothing more that sign a contract and to contribute a certain amount every month. In return they generally provide an alarm system with monitoring and armed response services (and a few others to boot).

This sounds like one of those too good to be true kind of offers and in my opinion, it is. You see you retain the risk (you always do – if you don’t believe me read the fine print in the contract) while you hand over responsibility to someone else.

In many instances that person is as scared as you are and would dearly love to go home in one piece at the end of his / her shift. Naturally (and understandably) that means that they will do what is necessary to keep themselves safe first – you the client don’t even come a close second.

So how does that make Tactical Advantage different. Simply we don’t want you to hand over responsibility to us (or anyone else for that matter) we want to educate and train you to better understand and deal with the situations you might find yourself in.

Abdication is a swear word here at Tactical Advantage. Does that mean that you will need to “do” things – attend workshops and seminars, maybe get a bit sweaty and go home with a bruise or two? Yes it does! Is there an alternative? No!

Would you go for surgery to a doctor who had only ever read a text book and done computer simulations? I don’t think so. You want someone with “hands-on” experience – and the only way that you can better yourself is to “do” – you need to leave your comfort zone and participate. You need to gain your own “hands-on” experience or suffer in silence like the majority do.

The choice is, as always, yours!

Tactical Advantage offers you training throughout the entire spectrum of the survival pyramid – attitude, knowledge, skills and equipment.

Our ProAct seminar (hijack & crime awareness) is designed to address the attitude and knowledge aspects and is interactive but non-physical. The seminar is conducted on-site at your premises or at our preferred training venue situated in Northcliff Johannesburg.

Our self defense and rape avoidance workshops deal with the basic skill sets required to address life and death situations. These workshops are physical and “hands-on” – you don’t have to be combat fit and tough as nails, but you do need to be prepared to sweat a bit and to wake up the next day with some aches and pains and a bruise (or two).

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The Tactical Advantage Team.
Johannesburg, South Africa.