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Crisis Call Service Launched

Planning and communication are an integral – and vital – part of any self protection strategy. One of the key components is knowing who to call in a ‘crisis’ – and being confident that your call will get answered. Let’s

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How do you intend to protect yourself and your loved ones?

Saturday 27 September 2014; The recently released crime statistics are a sad reflection of the state of our society and the desperation of our times. Not to enter into the political and socio-economic debate but I don’t believe we will

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Has your Identity Document been duplicated?

SA ID Documents duplicated: The South African Department of Home Affairs published a list of 29 000 SA ID documents which have been duplicated. This could be your ID Number ¬†and someone may be impersonating you, or worse yet “stealing”

A reflection at the start of a new year

In a world where we dash around, stomping on one fire after another, I thought it might be appropriate to just take a deep breath, relax for a moment and consider these beautiful words, which someone sent to me today

What does doing self defense really mean?

What exactly does “doing” self defense mean? I think for most folk it means learning a martial art and then using some fancy kicks and strikes against the bad guys when they come a-knocking! I think we have hollywood to

Defensive training and tactical gear

Defensive training and Tactical Gear What role does top quality tactical gear play in self defense or even law enforcement? This is a question that I asked myself recently having spent a fair amount of time observing various practitioners (both

Self defense, an increase in crime and the economic downturn.

Self defense, an increase in crime and the economic downturn. I recently watched a report carried on the British news channel SkyNews regarding the anticipated increase in UK crime as a result of the current economic crisis. In essence the

Women’s and ladies self defense

Women’s and ladies self defense This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I think there is a fundamental difference in the way boys and girls are brought up. Boys are often taught (especially by their macho Dad’s)

Self Defense and real energy.

Self Defense and real energy. On a recent visit to the African Bush, in Big Five Country, I was confronted by the ebb and flow of raw, unmasked energy as well as it’s various manifestations and it reminded me how

Self defense techniques and physical fitness.

Self defense techniques and physical fitness. There seems to be an inverse relationship between mastering self defense techniques and the physical strength or effort exerted by martial artists and self defense practitioners. The older, wiser and more experienced the practitioner,