Hijack & Crime Avoidance.

ProAct – Hijack & Crime avoidance seminars / training.

Given a choice, would you rather confront or avoid a criminal? Did you say avoid? Read on and we will show you how!

I’m not telling you anything new when I say that current crime levels in South Africa are high. How high you ask? Too high in my opinion. Statistics can be used to represent nearly any viewpoint, but no matter how you view them they act as a clear indicator that crime is rampant in South Africa.

That’s why you are here, right? You want to know what you can do to protect yourself and how Tactical Advantage can help you.

Let me give you a little background on me – Dieter Winckelmann. I, like you, am an ordinary citizen wishing to conduct my affairs in peace and without fear.

Unfortunately, the criminals had other plans, so after being on the receiving end on too many occasions I decided that I needed to do something about it – fight back or give in. I chose to fight back! That was in 1988.

What did I do? Well I took up a self-defense martial art, learned to use a handgun and joined the SAPS reservists, with whom I served for 10 years. My quest and studies took me far and wide and brought me in contact with some of the best instructors in the business.

I became proficient in the use of firearms and attained Instructor ratings for handguns, shotguns and rifles.

My Martial Arts took me to Japan where I studied under several Shihan’s (master-teachers) as well as the Grand Master of Ninjutsu himself – Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi. I attained a 2nd degree (Dan) black belt and now teach the art as well as self defence and rape avoidance (both armed and unarmed).

If you think you are any different to me, let me stop you there and assure you that you are not. I am no “Rambo” – I am not bulletproof and when I sustain an injury I hurt and bleed just like you do.

What I know is that the knowledge that I have gathered and bled and sweated for paid dividends – big time.

OK, so how does this help you? Well I have put in place some really simplified principles that are easy-to-learn, understand and implement and I want to share them with you.

My investment in terms of time, effort, pain and money have been extensive – in excess of hundreds of thousands of Rands!

I cover a multitude of topics from Hijack and Rape avoidance to kidnapping, assault and smash and grab robberies.

The good news is that you don’t need to devote that amount of time and effort in order to live a safer life, you see, I have put together training material using carefully selected principles and techniques. The cream of the crop.

I know that you know how important it is to remain aware as well as alert. But has anybody actually taught you the principles to Awareness and Alertness? I doubt it. You have just been told to “Be Aware” and nobody has told you what it means to be “Aware” or how to be “Alert”. All is revealed in our ProAct presentation and these secrets are there for you to claim right now!

Not quite convinced yet? That’s OK! It is good to question – after all it is your life and integrity that is on the line. That is not to be messed with!

The ProAct seminar is the product of all my knowledge and experience, rolled into one easy to attend 4-hour seminar. Handled correctly I believe that 70-80% of all confrontations can be avoided and that is why, by changing your attitude and knowledge, I can help you make yourself a harder target.

Age, gender, physical prowess, strength and fitness play a limited role – that is not to say that these fine attributes don’t contribute to your safety because they surely do – but I don’t want to believe that I can only protect myself while I am young, strong fit and able. Do you?

No, any good program should be applicable and user friendly no matter your age, gender or physical state. And that is exactly what ProAct is all about. A crime avoidance seminar based on attitudes and knowledge, that will help you make yourself a harder target, regardless of your present circumstances.

Let me allow others to explain, in their own words:

“Practical examples were very applicable….Thank you for helping me to help myself!” – AP

“Very applicable to the local environment” – SG

I will teach you a little known fact about your security company that they don’t want you to know about – and how knowing this will empower you…

Want all this information emailed to you, together with a price list? Simply drop your details into the form below!

I will reveal the shortcomings of modern security devices and how they contribute to putting you in harms way – things like satellite tracking and gear-locks, electric fences and high walls.

Let me clarify the difference between self-protection and self defense and how knowing the difference makes the difference…Take back your power here.

Not enough? Want More? Alright, why not learn about the survival pyramid and the definition of survival?

Let me share with you the principle of self defense – the why is more important than the how…

Learn the difference between principles and techniques and why one will set you free while the other will stifle you…

Understand the critical difference between involvement and commitment. A crucial element in your survival.

“Humour, honesty, direct and relevant answers. This was excellent! One more step in self protection.” BK

I know this stuff works. Not because I say so. No because hundreds of students have told me so.

You too can benefit from this accumulated knowledge, right now.

Want to be proactive? Want to take control? Want to learn how to become a harder target?

No physical effort required!

This is a seminar designed to change your attitude and knowledge so there is no physical exertion, no sweating no bruises or broken bones. That means it is suitable and easy for anyone to attend!

Do we subject you to a bunch of horror stories?

In a word: NO! We do highlight some of the challenges people have experienced in order for you to better understand the nature of the criminal. We don’t think it necessary to scare you any more than you already are. The news media already does an adequate job in that department!

What does the seminar require of me?

Firstly that you attend! Secondly that you bring an open mind, a willingness to participate and a dose of good humour. It is a serious topic, but it is far more pleasant if approached with a smile on your dial!

Since we don’t do anything physical at this seminar, you need not be young or tough or physically fit. You merely need your wits about you and a desire to learn. Dress as you please, but please dress.

I don’t like conflict!

Exactly! Most people fear an encounter with the criminal element and rightly so. Any physical encounter has the possibility of bodily damage and mental “harm” which is why we don’t aim to teach you how to fight your way out of a nasty situation – we would rather teach you how to avoid the whole damn nasty business in the first place.

Topics discussed include:

* What makes a Victim?
* Windows of opportunity – what does the criminal look for?
* Principles vs Technique
* Use of Tactics
* Self Protection & Self Defence
* How do I measure survival?
* Understanding Attitude
* The “mind-set” of attitude.
* The Survival Pyramid
* Involvement & Commitment
* Role of the Security Forces
* Pro’s and cons of physical security measures.

We don’t do anything physical in this course – so it is really easy to attend and learn!

The Tactical Advantage Team.
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Updated: Friday 04 November 2016