Self Defence Workshops

Self Defence Workshops / Training.
(Giving you the power by giving you the moves!)

Executive Summary:
Real-world, street smart self defense training for adult men and women of all ages taught in-person by experienced instructors who are up to date with the latest self defence techniques.

I suspect you are aware that South Africa has an extraordinarily high crime rate associated with a high degree of violence.

Deep down you know you need to do something about it – and maybe that’s why you are here now reading this page.

Please allow me to guide you through these pages so that you have the information you need to make an informed and important decision.

Tactical Advantage’s self defence training workshops caters to adults of both genders so regardless if you are male or female you can participate and benefit from the training no matter your age or current fitness level.

Organising and more importantly participating in self defence training can be extremely daunting. In recognition of that fact we strive to keep the tone light-hearted by adding the odd dollop of good humour here and there to make it a little easier so that you feel right at home from the first interaction.

We don’t make light of the topic of self defence training we merely deal with a serious topic in a relaxed manner.

The current buzzwords in self defence training are “reality-based” or “real-world”. Rest assured our self defence workshops are realistic and are based on real situations ( as far as is possible within the confines of a training environment).

This means that you will be taught what really can and does happen so that you won’t be taken by surprise on the street. Telling it like it is means you can make informed decisions for yourself.

Let’s take a look at a few of the techniques which we will teach you on our self defence training workshops. This list is not exhaustive – hey we want to keep a few surprises in store for you! *Smile*

We will teach you how to guard vital areas of your body so that your attacker is less likely to do you serious injury so that you can carry on fighting if you need to.

We will teach you to roll and give real-world examples why you might need to or want to roll on the ground. Generally speaking people are “afraid” of the ground – learning to roll properly (not like the proverbial block of granite tumbling down the abyss) means the ground becomes your friend and can be used to your advantage.

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Many, if not most confrontations requiring self defence skills, start with grabs to your lapels or wrists. So we will teach you numerous techniques for escaping from wrist or lapel grabs so you can end the conflict before it escalates and make good your escape.

The average man and woman – like your regular Jane and Joe citizen just like you and me doesn’t want to hit or hurt other people, but in reality you might have to. We also know that should you have to hit someone in order to defend yourself you may not get many chances. We will teach you to deliver powerful and effective blows to your attacker. If you have to hit someone you may as well do it right! Right?

The ability to breathe is vital to your survival (no kidding!) and your attacker knows this. This is why we teach you about strangleholds and how to escape from the most common ones.

Lastly we also demonstrate how the use of basic, everyday items, may be used as weapons which means that you can convert common household items into effective weapons which can give you an “unfair” advantage. You do want an advantage don’t you? Sure you do!

Costs start from as little as R 450.00 per person (minimum 12 people) depending on where and when the training is hosted. The workshop has a duration of 4 hours.

We can accommodate training for groups and companies on-site at your premises. Call or email us and let us help you learn some great self defence skills.

The Tactical Advantage Team.
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Updated: 02 July 2009