Rape Prevention Workshop

Rape avoidance workshops / Training.
(Giving you the power by teaching you the moves!)

Executive Summary:
Real-world, street smart rape-avoidance training for adult women (and men) of all ages taught in-person by experienced instructors who are up to date with the latest self defence techniques.

Yes, we know it is not a pleasant subject. However rape exists and could even be considered prevalent in our society, so sticking your head in the sand and pretending it doesn’t exist won’t help.

Take control, feel better about yourself.

We want to help you feel more confident about yourself and your abilities. The fear and stress associated with being confronted by a rapist is resultant not from the situation you find yourself in but on your interpretation of your ability to survive the situation (physically, mentally and spiritually) that causes the stress.

Training is the only way of managing the process and thereby recognizing, confronting and then conquering your fear.

Rather the devil you know than the devil you don’t.

Well, you might know very little about your attacker (although statistics show 70% of all rape victims knew their attackers) you are likely to be as scared of “them” as you are of your own feeling of inadequacy because you don’t know what to do, when to do it or your chances of success if you do act.

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Training takes care of one part of the equation. Learn what to do, how to do it and when to apply it successfully. I’ll say it again. Training is the only way to obtain this knowledge.

You cannot learn this information from a book. Period. A book cannot convey the subtle nuances of balance, power and surprise. Sure, you can learn the theory from a book, but you are unlikely to be raped by a theory.

Your attacker will be a real human being & to give meaning to your strategy you will have to train with real human beings where you encounter as much realism and resistance as is possible within a training environment.

I won’t ask what you have to lose. If you have considered (even remotely) what you will lose if you are raped then surely embracing some form of training is a small “price” to pay.

We know you won’t be sorry you made an investment in yourself, and neither will you.

The Tactical Advantage Team.
Johannesburg, South Africa.

Updated: 26 June 2008