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The Police admitted that if they could reduce contact crimes (violent crimes committed against the person) by 7-10% a year consecutively it would take at least 10 years to reach levels of crime comparable to many other Interpol countries.

You may be fortunate enough to have several security measures, like alarms and electric fencing at your disposal and may even have moved to a housing estate with “enhanced” security…

…yet there is overwhelming evidence, both in the press and anecdotally, that despite these measures people fall victim to violent criminals on a frighteningly regular basis.

You feel that disquiet, despite having taken all the common precautions…it’s the reason you are on this webpage today.

You see, common security measures are designed to keep “them” away from “us” but that will provide little comfort if you should one day find yourself face to face with an armed and violent criminal.

Denial has an interesting and insidious side effect: For all the “peace-of-mind” deniers think they get by saying it isn’t so, the fall they take when victimized is far, far greater than that of those who accept the possibility. Denial is a save-now pay-later scheme whose entire contract is written in small print…G De Becker.

So, ask yourself: Will you find yourself dis-empowered? Will all you have left be a silent prayer?…the same one that went unanswered for the 18 487 people murdered in South Africa last year.
… or the 118 312 victims of aggravated robbery?
… or the 36 190 victims of rape?

Or will you be one of those, who will take a stand. Will you act or be acted upon? Will you be one of those people who makes an honest attempt at bettering their odds of survival?

You see, in truth, the choice is entirely yours!

Have a look at our ProAct Seminar – for crime avoidance strategies.
Take a look at our self defence and rape avoidance workshops – to learn real-world street smart survival techniques.

* Crime Statistics as reflected on the web pages of the South African Police Service.

Our training Seminars and Workshops are open to companies and private groups or organizations. In order to confirm a seminar or workshop a minimum of 12 delegates is required.

Watch an excerpt of an interview with Tactical Advantage from SABC’s “3Talk with Noeleen”

The ProAct Seminar (Hijack & crime awareness) is an interactive but non-physical “lecture” addressing your attitude and knowledge about crime, criminals and how your interaction (conscious as well as sub-conscious) has a direct bearing on whether you will be a victim of crime or not. In many cases those victimized once will be victimized again!The seminar runs for no less than 3 hours and can be hosted on-site at your workplace or nominated venue or at our preferred training facility located in Northcliff Johannesburg.

Self Defence and Rape Avoidance:

The Self Defence and Rape Avoidance workshops are far less talk and a whole lot more do! That means it’s down and dirty, interactive, participative and great fun to boot.The topic (self defence or rape avoidance) is not funny and we don’t make light of the seriousness of the crime. We do want to approach training with humour and light heartedness because it makes the burden so much lighter to bear!

For further information / insight into the seminars and workshops on offer through Tactical Advantage please click on the appropriate links in the right-hand menu or submit your details into the form below – we will email you all the details together with a quote!

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We look forward to meeting you in person on one of our seminars or workshops, but until that day arrives, be vigilant and stay safe!

The Tactical Advantage Team.
Johannesburg, South Africa.
Last Updated ( Friday 04 November 2016 )