What does doing self defense really mean?

What exactly does “doing” self defense mean?

I think for most folk it means learning a martial art and then using some fancy kicks and strikes against the bad guys when they come a-knocking!

I think we have hollywood to blame for that!

Although it certainly is an aspect of self defense I truly believe that self defense ought to start in the mind and a whole lot sooner than when you are physically attacked!

DrivingĀ  today I noticed a young lady applying her makeup in her car while driving. (Hint: That is how not to practise self defense.)

You see the rewards simply don’t justify the risks. Not only is she at risk for crimes like hijacking and smash and grabs (simply because she is focusing on her makeup and not her surroundings) she also has “Potential Victim” stamped all over her.

This lack of attention also means she cannot drive properly which puts her at risk of an accident.

Let’s put this is perspective shall we?

She is putting on her makeup in the car because:

a) she doesn’t have a mirror at home.
b) she likes to show people she can multi-task.
c) she got up too late to do it in the comfort and safety of her own home.

My guess? C!

She was running late and felt she didn’t have the 5 minutes it would require to put the makeup on at home, so she rushed off and did it in the car.

That is a classic case of failing to practice real self defense. I hope and pray nothing happened to her, but just consider for the sake of argument that something had.

She placed herself in a vulnerable position because she refused to reflect on her options and to weigh up the benefits of being 5 minutes late versus being attacked or having an accident. She risked:

1) Her possessions
2) Bodily harm
3) Perhaps even death.

For the sake of 5 minutes. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

So practise self defense – but forget about it merely being the fighting part…it actually starts in the mind and long before there is even a bad guy to be seen.

Stay safe!