Self Defense and real energy.

Self Defense and real energy.

On a recent visit to the African Bush, in Big Five Country, I was confronted by the ebb and flow of raw, unmasked energy as well as it’s various manifestations and it reminded me how important reading that energy becomes in life and death encounters with criminals and those seeking to do you harm.

Let me tell you a brief story: It was late afternoon and we were on-board our game viewing vehicle together with a host of folk and our vastly experienced game-guide.

We came across a lone Elephant bull who was peacably standing in a clearing and eating.

Not one to pass up such an oportunity our guide brought us to within several meters of the enourmous and majestic creature.

At our approach the Elephant lifted his trunk smelled the air and listened attentively . After a moment or two, content that we were not a threat and were not too close, the Elephant went back to his grazing and to all intents and  purposes ignored us. The feeling or energy emanating from our group as well as from the Elephant was one of calm.

After a few minutes the Elephant turned its back on us and our guide re-positioned the vehicle to give us a better view of the animal, and in doing so also brought us a fair deal closer to the Elephant. Once again the animal seemed unperturbed and all was calm and serenity.

…until the wind shifted and brought our human smell right into the Elephant. His demeanour changed instantly, he stopped eating, flapped his ears and appeared to lift himslef to his full height and he charged!

The flow of energy was as dramatic as it was real – anger on the part of the Elephant, fear on the part of those on the game vehicle. Although this was a mock charge the message was clear and the energy palpable!

And therein lies the lesson.

All things are enegy and mood and intention have an affect on energy, turning it into something very real and almost tangible. So too in confrontations in which an aggressor intends harm to another. His (or her) energy has to alter its state, the energy has to be “up” and this can be perceived.

This perception of the altered state of energy should be a source of study to all who wish to train to survive because not reading the energy, or mis-reading the energy can indeed have dire consequences, while correctly identifying and interpreting energy can be of enourmous value in your defensive strategy.

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Stay Safe!