Women’s and ladies self defense

Women’s and ladies self defense

This is a topic near and dear to my heart.

I think there is a fundamental difference in the way boys and girls are brought up.

Boys are often taught (especially by their macho Dad’s) not to cry, to do “manly” things like rough and tumble sports, to look after themselves in school-ground fisticuffs, and lets be honest most of us guys, as boys, played at cops and robbers or cowboys and indians and ran around brandishing sticks or toy guns!

On the other hand our sisters were encouraged to play quietly, to behave like little ladies, to stay clean and to cuddle dolls and teddy bears, for whom they organized picnics and tea partys!

OK, before you shoot me down I know there are those of you who as the exception prove the rule. But I think my view is generally true and accepted.

In later life, we as adults are often saddled with labels – the lady in the relationship is the home maker, wife and mother and the man is the provider and protector.

As times change roles have become reversed and more and more women are choosing careers, either because they desire their independance or sometimes out of financial necessity.

No matter the reason, more and more women are making their own way in the world (which I think is marvelous by the way!)

However it also means that these wonderful women are coming into ever more contact with other people (99% of whom are good) but they also find themselves increasing drawn into less-than-desirable situations. Some of these are merely uncomfortable and some downright dangerous.

It is for these few but potentially dangerous situations that all women should prepare – not because they are profits of doom and gloom but simply because it is prudent to take precautions.

Sadly most of the women that I come into contact with during the course of my training sessions don’t believe that they could prevail in an encounter with a bigger, stronger, meaner assailant.

Now I’m the first to admit that it may not be easy, but if you give up before you even begin then you certainly have failed and will never prevail.

For that reason (amoungst others) I deem it vital that ladies attend some form of self defense classes – they don’t have to cater specifically to women, although it may be easier to begin in an all-women environment.

With a little practice under expert instruction, many women begin believing that they do indeed have a chance to defeat an attacker and with this belief comes and awesome transformation that is a pleasure to behold!

If you ever wondered whether you should attend women’s self defence classes, think no more. Honestly, go to a class near you (or organize a private workshop for you and your friends) and empower yourself. It truly is a worthwhile experience!

Why not check out our programs – ProAct, the definitive crime awareness and avoidance strategy seminar, our self-defense and rape avoidance workshops and improve your chances today!

Stay Safe!

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